‘Guys are giving their balls botox ‘scrotox’, because their testicals want
eternal youth aswell’

Yes thats right. The latest trend has crossed over from America and is becoming quickly popular here in Europe. Informally called Scrotox, the procedure involves injecting Botox into the scrota.

Scrotox is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment of the scrotum with Anti Wrinke injections Botox. There are several small injections made with a fine needle into the testicle skin (but not into the sack itself).The wrinkles are reduced and the result is a smoother and larger appearance seen 5-7 days later. It can make the scrotum appear larger due to the relaxation of the muscles. The result, is an improved aesthetic appearance.

Botox is injected in the scrotal skin (NOT in the testicles), mostly into the dartos muscle. A strong topical anesthetic cream is applied to the scrotum, so injections are painless.

Studies suggest that it can improve sex life due to an increase in sensitivity. In addition to this, many men (and their partners) report increased sexual pleasure, as well as better mood during intimate moments with their partner. By all means the end result seems to be bringing them back.

Treatment time

5 minutes

Longevity of results

3-6 months


minimal due to topical anaesthetic


No downtime



Achieve Your Dream Penis Size
safely without any Surgery.

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